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Online auction no. 15 via bid spirit only Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 17:00

  • Item number 95
  • Artist's name Michael Gross, 1920-2004
  • Item name Portrait of a Man
  • Technique Charcoal
  • Measurements 100X70 cm
  • Signed Signed.
  • Estimate $1200 - 1600
  • About The Artist sculptor and painter, born 1920, Tiberias, Israel. In the 1950s, after his return from studying sculpture in Paris, Michael Gross developed an approach which sought the essence of visual reality through a minimal number of masses of colour and the elimination of incidental details, seeking to convey the meaningful content of the subject observed. This approach was shared by Ori Reisman, who had studied with Gross in Paris. Gross followed American abstract trends (especially Barnet Newman), but his quasi-abstract forms were always linked to reality, seeking only a subjective dialogue with their environment, as in his sculpture in the Simón Bolivar Park in Jerusalem. This unique interpretation of American Minimalism marks his works as a milestone in Israel art. In the 1980s figurative elements appeared in his work, creating a synthesis, again unique, between abstract and realist elements.
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