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Online auction no. 15 via bid spirit only Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 17:00

  • Item number 61
  • Artist's name Oded Feingersh, b. 1938
  • Item name Seascape
  • Technique Oil on canvas
  • Measurements 100X30 cm
  • Signed Signed.
  • Estimate $800 - 1200
  • About The Artist painter and chemical engineer, born 1938, Jerusalem. 1965-1968 Paris, Brussels, Madrid.
    1960- 1963 Bezalel, Jerusalem
    1979- 1983 Avshalom Institute, geography of Eretz Israel
    Awards and Prizes
    1966 Lefrance Prize for Young Painters, Paris
    1976 The Dizengoff Prize for Painting and Sculptor Prize, Municipality of Tel Aviv Jaffa, Tel Aviv
    Environmental Sculptures
    1982 Stage design for ballet, 'Psalms', for the Kol VeDemama Company.
    1989 Stage design for ballet 'Pandora', for the Kol VeDemama Company
    1990 stage design for 'Camina e Turna' of Kol VeDemama, Israel Festival
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