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Online auction no. 15 via bid spirit only Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 17:00

  • Item number 30
  • Artist's name Kaete Ephraim Marcus, 1892-1970
  • Item name Figures in Landscape
  • Technique Pastel
  • Measurements 38X31 cm
  • Signed Signed.
  • Estimate $200 - 300
  • About The Artist Born in Breslau in 1892, Kaete Ephraim Marcus first studied at Hans Thoma’s academy in Karlsruhe and later with Lovis Corinth and Max Beckman. In 1925 she studied with Lhote in Paris and made her first trip to Palestine. The following year she exhibited at the Berlin Academy of Arts. In July of 1933 she left Germany for good and in 1934 settled in Palestine. The brooding yet breezy resonance of the present beach scene bears out assessment of Dr. Karl Schwartz that “each single work of Kaete Ephraim Marcus compels our immediate attention. Her works speak an urgent language which each one of us understands a priori...”

    K. Schwartz and K. E. Marcus, Kaete Ephraim Marcus (Tel Aviv, 1961) p. 1
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